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How do I store this product for best results?

Basil will do best when stored on the counter in a cup with water covering at least half of the root ball.  Keep the plant at room temperature, do not refrigerate. 

Can I plant these herbs?

This product is not meant to be planted.  We have heard of people planting it and being successful, as well as others who were not.  If you want to grow herbs, we recommend plant starts which would be less expensive and have a better chance of survival.  Our product is a fully mature plant ready for eating.  Place the plant in a glass of water on the counter and you will always have fresh basil at your fingertips for cooking.  Replace it with a fresh plant once all of the leaves have been used. 

Why are living herbs better than dried?

Fresh herbs have more flavor.  It is impossible to match the taste of fresh herbs in your cooking.  Fresh herbs with the roots intact provide you with the flexibility to snip off a few leaves and add them to anything you desire. 

What are some good uses for the product?

Try cutting fresh basil leaves into a salad, adding them to a sandwich, or  layering with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese!  Make your own fresh pesto to add to pasta, spread on fish, chicken or sandwiches. Look at our recipe section (under Products) for more ideas. 

Where can I buy the product?

Currently our Basil is being sold at Haggen and Top Foods stores, Tacoma Boys and H & L Produce, and select Safeway, Thriftway and QFC stores. 


A few comments from our customers:

"Hi folks - just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your "roots-on" basil which I purchase from my local Haggen market.  The flavor is incredible and I really enjoy eating a clean, unpolluted product.  So keep up the good work.  I look forward to trying your other products as they become available.  Your hard work and innovation is well appreciated.  I'll make sure and tell my friends too.  Thanks!"

"Recently I purchased the sweet basil.  Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the smell and the taste..."

" I like your product and that it is chemical free!"

" Just wanted to let you know I bought some of your Basil at Top Foods in Snohomish.  Wow!  What a great idea!  I've seen Bibb lettuce done similarly, which was OK, but I don't eat Bibb lettuce much.  We LOVE basil though, and it gets soggy in the fridge.  This is just a great idea!"

We love your basil.  Thank you so much - it's the only one I will buy!"



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