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Founded in 1999, Utsalady Farm is a family business on 30 acres of land at the northern tip of Camano Island, Washington.

Two families, living on site, manage the seeding, growth, and packaging of our products.  Each plant is inspected for quality and freshness before it is packaged and sent to your local market.

Our products are packaged in plastic sleeves and shipped vertically in boxes.  This minimizes damage to the plant's sensitive leaves.  The top of the sleeve is open so you can smell the freshness and inspect the quality for yourself. 

Our plants are given the best growing conditions possible, year-round,  without the use of pesticides and herbicides.  The hydroponic "closed system" feeds the plants with a mineral based nutrient and water solution.  The result is a strong flavorful plant with a healthy root system that will sustain the plant's life.  This allows you to keep the plant on your countertop for extended periods, as long as the roots remain moist. 

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